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The pipe bending machine, which is frequently used in the industrial field and in many other areas, is a type of machine used to give different shapes to the pipes whose shape already exists.

As the need for pipe bending has increased in many sectors such as industry, furniture, automotive and plumbing with the development of technology and the increasing need for production, this situation has brought with it more demand for pipe bending machines.Pipe bending machinegenerally It is used for easier and desired bending of pipes made of materials such as aluminum, titanium and iron.

These machines, which have different features from each other, are produced with different features as they are used in different ways in all sectors. In addition to bending the pipes, the support of the pipe machine is indispensable during the bending and shaping of the pipes according to the sectors.

The pipe bending machine is used to reduce the cost and save time while bending the pipe. Twisting machines, which appeal to the operation of every company and function according to the operation, are a complete marvel of technology. Twisting becomes more attractive with these machines, which prevent negative situations such as leakage and burning that occur during the processing and reshaping of pipes.

Usage Areas of Pipe Bending Machine

The question of
Where is the pipe bending machine usedis one of the questions that individuals who need a pipe machine search for the answer. Sectors where the usage area and function of the pipe machine is very diverse. It can be sorted as follows:

  • Automotive production and manufacture,
  • Construction industry
  • Industrial kitchen and kitchen equipment production,
  • Industrial areas
  • Construction and agricultural machinery,
  • Furniture

Other than these, pipe bending machine is preferred in many different sectors. Pipe machines used in these sectors, where production and efficiency are high, provide convenience and practicality in every way. It is not possible to complete the bending process of many pipes, which are quite heavy, without a machine. These machines, which provide perfect production opportunity to the employees in these sectors and provide more effective results in sectors such as manufacturing and construction, have different sizes and types according to the sector.

How to Use a Pipe Bending Machine?

Sectors and employees seeking an answer to the question of
How to use a Pipe Bending Machinewant to give pipes a different look with pipe machines operating in a programmed way. The pipe bending machine, which has a perfect operation and different bending angles from each other, is produced with an automatic program. One of the most important features of automatic programmed bending machines is that the angle of the pipe to be bent can be adjusted in advance, thanks to the program.

As the pipe bending process, which must be managed meticulously, is a highly functional process, it benefits all sectors. Pipe bending machines are used with different methods. Press bending, pulling bending and winding bending are the methods frequently used in bending machines. In order for the pipes to take shape, heating is needed. The pipe bending machine, which transforms the system into a practical one by eliminating heating, also has the ability to bend in different shapes.

Why Us?

As Liv Makina, we aim to deliver the professional pipe bending machines that we produce to Turkey and the whole world, and we bring the machines together with both domestic and foreign buyers. You can choose our company, which produces effective solutions for pipe bending machine for its customers to use in every sector and get efficiency, for all your needs with peace of mind.

Bending machines, which are produced as state-of-the-art technology, have advanced features such as cutting, breaking, bending and welding, especially laser technology. You can have the pipe bending machine types priced according to their features with the privileges of Liv Makina and you can get price information about machines with different features.

Liv Makina has an international perspective and brings the products and services it produces in Turkey day by day to more and more people at home and abroad. It is known for its features that follow and implement innovations, keep the business ethics at the forefront, and maintain its reputation since 1979 with its quality in every sense. Its sectors include furniture, automobile and marine, aviation and construction.
Liv Makina also manufactures pipe bending machines.

This article explains the answers to the following questions:

  • What is a Pipe Bending Machine?
  • What are the Types of Pipe Bending Machines?

What is a Pipe Bending Machine?

It is a device used to bend pipes in square, rectangular, oval and round shapes. These machines are used for bending aluminum, copper, brass materials. In addition, it can bend parts made of various materials such as stainless and carbon steel.

What are the Types of Pipe Bending Machines?

The selection of pipe machine type varies according to the characteristics of the work to be done. Liv Makine fully reflects this variability in its products. At the point of quality control, there is always an understanding of zero margin of error.

CNC Pipe Bending Machines

-- It can twist in a modern and smart way.
-- Twisting capacities are at the highest level.
-- Maximum efficiency is achieved without any problems.
-- When used, there are no undesirable situations such as ovalization, cracking, breakage that may be encountered during pipe bending.
-- It is the most suitable method when thin-walled pipes need to be bent.

The desired size and shape of the pipe is very important for CNC machine selection. Liv Makina uses the 3D simulation feature in the CNC pipe bending machines it has produced using the latest technology and sells the following CNC pipe bending machines:

1)LVH 3 Axis 42 CNC
2)LVH 5 Axis 42 CNC
3)LVH 3 Axis 65 CNC

For detailed information:https://www.livmakina.com.tr/tr/cnc-boru -bending-machineswebsite can be visited and a price quote can be obtained.

Semi-Automatic NC Pipe Bending Machines

The most important purpose of using
is to prevent problems that occur quite often in manual operations. The sectors where it is most suitable for use are known as those who need twisting with a more limited capacity. The bending of the pipe in the desired geometry is due to the features in their design. These machines can also meet the need for pipes in furniture production such as tables and chairs.

Liv Makine sells semi-automatic NC pipe bending machines that comply with the following CE norms:

1)LVH 32 NC
2)LVH 51 NC
3)LVH 65 NC

For detailed information:https://www.livmakina.com/tr/yari -automatic-nc-pipe-bending-machineswebsite can be visited, price quote can be obtained.

Double Head Pipe Bending Machines

They are state-of-the-art and can perform 2 bends simultaneously. More than one pipe can be bent at once.
Bending can be done at the same angle or 2 different angles for angle adjustment. Among the main sectors in which such machines are used, there are sectors that provide automotive industry, furniture and hardware services.

Liv Makine sells 2 types of double head pipe machines:

1)LVH 38 DH
2)LVH 38 DHS

For detailed information:https://www.livmakina.com/tr/cift-kafa -pipe-bending-machineswebsite can be visited, price quote can be received.

The pipe bending machine, which is one of the latest technology products and enables professional work in the sector it is used, is an important device with high efficiency and many features. Pipe bending machines, which are produced in order to change the shape of the pipes and to give the pipes different shapes and use them in different processes, are designed to be used in different needs of the sectors.

The process of shaping pipes is frequently used in many industries. The pipe bending machine, which completely eliminates the joining process by welding, bends the pipes professionally. These machines, which are used in different fields, are a very effective solution for sectors, thanks to their pulling bending, pressing bending, wrap bending and roller bending functions.

Pipe bending machine is used in furniture, automotive manufacturing, industry and industry, agricultural machinery, bent pipes, cooling and heating sector, white goods and industrial kitchen products production and in almost most of the industrial sector and in many fields. .

It is used to change the shape of the pipes in order to give different shapes to the pipes and to provide different use. While doing this, there is no need for welding and it can be applied easily. There are pipe bending machines produced completely in accordance with the needs of the sectors.

The only machine that facilitates the bending of pipes made of materials such as aluminum, galvanization, titanium and iron is known as the pipe bending machine. Twisting machines, which save time and ensure fatigue by applying advanced methods instead of traditional methods, prevent negative situations as well as bring practicality and convenience.

What is Pipe Bending?

Individuals looking for an answer to the question
How to use a pipe bending machine wonder how the machine works. After adjusting the planned angles in automatic shapes according to its function, the bending process is started. The material from which the pipe is produced enables faster and more practical processing at this stage. There are different pipe bending methods applied to different materials, especially aluminum. Pull bending, pressing bending and wrap bending methods are the most preferred pipe bending methods.

The pipe bending machines used by applying these methods can be preferred with different features and functions according to the operation of the sectors. In order to eliminate many negative situations, especially leakage that may occur later, a high quality and professionally functioningpipe bending machineis used. The most important example of this is natural gas pipes. The shaping and perfect processing of these pipes, which have a high risk of damage, is a very important detail.

Advantages of Pipe Bending Machine

There are many advantages of pipe bending machines that save time and provide more successful results. When the pipe bending machine was not produced, different methods such as welding pipes were very costly for the industries. With the development of technology, pipe bending machines, which reduce this cost and provide more professional work, have started to be produced.
Liv Makina, which offers innovative and technological solutions by going beyond the traditional methods, is also known as an important name that produces pipe bending machines that facilitate the operation of the sectors in the most professional ways and at low cost.

Liv Makina, our company, which specializes in the manufacture and sale of pipe bending machines, is a company that sends the machines it produces in Turkey to different countries with a strong infrastructure. By providing an expert and effective service to all sectors that need a pipe bending machine, Liv Makine is the first choice of many industries in the industry, meeting their machine needs quickly.

Thanks to the pipe cutting machine developed expertly and using the latest technology according to its features, you can easily handle all your pipe shaping processes with technological methods. If you specify your need, our company offers the appropriate pipe bending machine to your liking, and is also an expert in its field.

There is an extremely interesting development that mankind has experienced from the Stone Age to the present. Change never slows down. As a matter of fact, there are many products that make human life easier. This is also true in the industrial field. Many machines used in technology also show a continuous development within themselves. One of the best examples of this is the product called cnc pipe bending machine. In this article, simple information is given on this subject.

What is CNC Pipe Bending Machine? What Are Its Features?

If it is necessary to give an answer to the question ofwhat is a pipe bending machinefirst by going step by step, the following explanation can be made in its simplest form. As can be clearly understood from the product name, they are special manufacturing machines used for bending pipes of different diameters used in industry. Pipe bending machine products, which are normally two types as manual and hydraulic, are now produced with CNC as well. This allowed the errors to be minimized and to work with 0 ppm.

As it is known, CNC-enabled machines are program-controlled products. After the program is entered, pipe bending is done easily and without any problems. These machines, like their counterparts, are produced according to the Machinery Regulations Directive. They definitely have the CE mark on them. These are the products offered for sale after passing all quality control tests.

There are different types within themselves according to the axis type. These are different types of machines such as 3-axis 42 CNC, 3-axis 65 CNC and 5-axis 42 CNC. Again, depending on the customer's request, special production CNC-featured pipe bending machines are also available. It has a wide range of uses in the manufacturing sector.

Pipe Bending Machine Prices

Now, if it is necessary to give information about the prices ofpipe bending machines, the prices of the CNC-enabled ones are slightly higher than the classical and hydraulic ones. In addition, prices vary depending on whether they are 3-axis or 5-axis. The pricing policy of the manufacturer and the fact that the pipe bending machine is an imported or domestic machine are among the other factors that change the figures. There may be differences in the payment according to the companies. There are different payment options such as credit card payment, transfer to the company's account number, and hand payment.

Where to Buy CNC Pipe Bending Machine?

After this basic information given above, it is necessary to answer the question of where to buy a pipe bending machine in general terms. Of course, you will come across many options, both domestic and foreign, to buy such a machine. As a matter of fact, Liv Makine is one of the places where you can buy such a special machine with a guarantee, and when the product features and product quality are taken into account.

Liv Makine is a family-owned enterprise serving in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, which is entirely domestic and national capital. It was established in 1979 with a small lathe. As of today, Liv Makine brings together the machines it produces in Turkey with both domestic and foreign buyers. It carries out very important works at the point of export.

The 5-axis CNC-enabled pipe bending machine is a highly demanded machine all over the world and breaks export records. Therefore, if you need this kind of machine for what kind of requirement, you can safely buy it from Liv Makine with special solutions for you, without the slightest question mark in your mind.

Pipe bending operations performed with classical methods have been replaced by operations performed by modern and smart machines. Liv Makina manufactures pipe bending machines with over 40 years of experience and serves the global market. Liv Makina is meeting with both domestic and foreign buyers with the pipe bending machines it produces in Turkey by making use of today's technology.

What is CNC Pipe Bending Machine and What Are Its Features?

CNC pipe bending machines are machines that are produced with advanced technologies, offer the highest efficiency with zero problems and have maximum bending capacities. Liv Makina dominates a very wide market both in our country and abroad in industrial fields with its CNC 3 axis and CNC 5 axis pipe bending machines.

Liv Makina has also integrated the latest technology it uses into pipe bending machines. In this direction, it started to produce pipe bending machines in accordance with European standards. The biggest advantage of the 3D simulation feature in the machines produced with the latest technology is that it is possible to see the final design on the screen before starting the pipe bending process. The ability to store products in the memory, multiple language options, automatic pipe length calculation and error detection system are among the important advantages offered by Liv Makina.

CNC pipe bending machines can cause breakage, ovalization, cracking etc. encountered during bending. largely eliminated such problems. Considering the size and shape of the pipe, a suitable pipe bending machine should be selected in line with the demand. There are 3 CNC pipe bending machine sproduced and sold by Liv Makina. These machines are:

  • LVH 3 Axis 42 CNC
  • LVH 5 Axis 42 CNC
  • LVH 3 Axis 65 CNC

3 Axis 42 CNC, 3 Axis 65 CNC and 5 Axis 42 CNC Pipe Bending Machine Features

3 axis 42 CNC, 3 axis 65 CNC and 5 Axis 42 CNC pipe bending machines have servo rotation, servo feed and hydraulic bending features and a material processing size of 4000 mm. The machines, which benefit from advanced technology with the support of multiple languages, have the features of storing products in memory, manual or automatic use, and a safety warning system. In addition, these machines are produced in accordance with CE norms.

The maximum pipe bending capacity of
3 axis 42 CNC pipe bending machinesis 42 x 3 mm. The maximum mold diameter is 300 mm, and the minimum mold diameter is 100 mm. The maximum pipe bending capacity of 3-axis 65 CNC pipe bending machines is 65 x 3 mm, the maximum die diameter is 250 mm and the minimum die diameter is 100 mm.

5 axis 42 CNC pipe bending machine;The machine produced by Liv Makina and capable of bending pipes from 6 mm to 42 mm is used in various sectors in the industrial field. All 5 axes of the 5-axis pipe bending machine are automatic and all axes are equipped with servo motors. It has been developed with 3D simulation of the machine, which can be easily controlled with a touch Windows 10 PC screen.

The machine, which is very easy to use, is suitable for almost any industry. Calculates all axes thanks to the programs it contains. 5 axis pipe bending machine has a head that can automatically adjust the bending direction as right, left, down, up according to the die diameter.

Allpipe bending machinesmanufactured by
Liv Makine and offered for sale in the global market are guaranteed for 1 year. You can visit the company's website to get more information about the products and to request a price quote.

The machinery sector is a sector that has gained momentum with the development of the industry. We can now manufacture many machines and machine parts imported by our country in our own companies. Thus, both users get their demands cheaper and the domestic manufacturer wins. This development, which greatly reduced the country's foreign dependency, has enabled many companies to contribute to the country's industrial development. The fact that the manufacturer is local has also been very beneficial for the customers.

For the technical maintenance and malfunctions of the products, the employees of the manufacturing company come and try to solve the problem in person. At the same time, it is very different to buy the same product from a local manufacturer in the country and to buy the same product from a foreign company. Liv Makina is one of the companies that make great contributions to our country in the industrial sector.

As a leading company in the field of pipe bending machines it produces, it sells products to many domestic and international areas. The high quality and durability of the pipe bending machines it produces has made it famous. Thus, it easily opened up to the foreign market and created a wide customer portfolio there as well.

Liv Makina

Liv Makina, which was established in 1979, has continued its production without compromising the quality of its products since its first production. By successfully producing pipe bending machines, which have an important place in the industrial sector, it has made a name for itself with the design and operation of its products. It manufactures materials for many important sectors, especially construction, furniture, maritime and automobile.

It contributes to these sectors by selling the pipe bending machines it produces in many different areas. Liv Makina mainly produces CNC lathes, milling machines and other lathes. It also makes a name for itself with the pipe and profile bending machines it produces.

Liv Makina, the leading machinery manufacturer that never compromises on its quality by launching its successful products, has easily found customers in both the domestic and international markets. Since the customers of Liv Makina are also a reference to the company due to the quality of the products, the customers addressed by the company are increasing rapidly.

What is a Pipe Bending Machine?

Pipe profile bending machine is an industrial device for reshaping and shaping materials that already have a shape and form. Not every material can be used in pipe profile bending. Only certain materials can be used in pipe profile bending. These types of materials are: titanium, metal, alloy and aluminum. Thanks to pipe bending machines, many different jobs such as cutting, bending, bending, bending, folding of materials are easily performed.

Liv Makina, the leading pipe bending machine manufacturer, produces pipe bending machines in 4 different basic categories. These are:

  • CNC Pipe Bending Machines
  • Semi-Automatic NC Pipe Bending Machines
  • Semi CNC Pipe Bending Machines
  • Double Head Pipe Bending Machines

Liv Makina devices detect faults and display them on the screen thanks to the latest technology; At the same time, you can follow the production amount from the panel of the device. Moreover, multiple language options are installed on the devices, suitable for domestic and international use.

Pipe Profile Bending

Pipe profile bending is an indispensable production step for every sector. Manufacturers need powerful equipment and devices to be able to shape materials and bring their designs to life. Pipe profile bending machines are also one of the most useful devices at this point. Pipe profile bending machines are used to transform the materials chosen by the designers into a specified shape.

There are many pipe bending techniques. Some of these are pushing bending, three-ball bending, mandrel bending, wrapping bending methods. The purpose of all these techniques is to give the desired shape to the pipes and profiles. Thanks to the pipe profile bending machines, this process is much easier than before.

Liv Makina can not boast of its success in this field. It has been a remedy for the country's great demand for industrial needs and has produced important materials and equipment. Moreover, it has opened to the foreign market in a short time. It has shown to the whole world that Turkish companies also have a say in the industrial sector. The fact that the pipe bending machine it produces is very efficient in terms of design and operation, makes it suitable for factories and workshops.

Liv Makina is one of the companies that made a name for itself and makes us proud with its production and material quality in the industrial sector in our country. Since the day it was founded, it has always renewed itself and improved its production capacity and speed. Moreover, it has started to export not only domestically but also abroad. It is very important that the Turkish brand is sent abroad and that our products are demanded by foreign companies. One of these products can be counted as apipe bending machine.

What is a Pipe Bending Machine?

Pipe bending machineare machines used to reshape pipes and profiles that already have a certain shape and form. Not every material can be used by pipe bending machines. Metal, alloy, titanium, aluminum and titanium-structured materials are used in pipe bending machines. There are basically 3 different types of pipe bending machines within Liv Makina. These are;

  • CNC
  • Semi-Automatic NC
  • Can be listed as Double Head pipe bending machines.

These 3 types of pipe bending machines also have different types such as servo pipe bending machine, mandrel pipe bending machine. Liv Makina, which is the best in its field in pipe bending machines, easily finds customers with its quality in every market it opens.

Servo Pipe Bending Machine

Theservo pipe bending machine, which is frequently preferred by users, is a kind of pipe bending machine. It is easy to use and the pipe bending quality is very successful. If we talk briefly about the technical features; maximum pipe bending capacity is 38x2 mm. The maximum die diameter is 195 mm, while the minimum die diameter is 80 mm. The minimum distance between the heads is 350 mm, the maximum distance between the heads is 195 mm. The machine, which can save 100 different patterns in its memory, has multiple language options for users from different countries. Moreover, the product has a one-year warranty. The pipe bending machine, which displays the production amount and production errors on the screen, is one of the first machines to attract the attention of customers with its many other features.

Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine

One of the pipe bending machine models preferred by Liv Makina customers is the mandrel pipe bending machine. With their advanced features, they offer much more than what customers need. Some of the features of mandrel pipe bending machines are as follows; the maximum pipe diameter is 90 mm, and the maximum wall thickness is 4 mm.Mandrel pipe bending machineIt is a highly preferred product in the production of bed base and milk machine.

A World Brand in Pipe Bending Machine Production: Liv Makina

Liv Makina, which has a deep-rooted history, was established in 1979 and has continued to work and develop non-stop since then. It provides important contributions to many sectors by manufacturing materials for very important sectors such as furniture, automobile, maritime and construction. Having an important place in the production of milling machines, lathes and CNC machining benches, Liv Makina is also very successful in extra high quality sheet and pipe bending machines for its production equipment.

Liv Makina, which has rapidly increased its success in the sector, has proven itself and its quality in the country. Right after this, it continues to show the success of Turkish manufacturers in the industry to big customers by opening up to the foreign market and making us proud with this success. The company, whose sales area is increasing rapidly due to the positive feedback and references of its customers, is advancing without misleading its users with the experience of being in this sector for many years.

Liv Makina has continued its production without compromising its quality since the day it was founded. The quality of its products has managed to attract attention in all sectors and has easily made a name for itself in domestic and foreign markets. Liv Makina continues to be one of the leading companies in its field with the pipe bending machines it produces.